St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Thame

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Early Years

13 March 2020

See here for pictures of the STEM challenge we completed with Year 1 and Year 2!

27th February 2020

Today has been great fun making lots of perfect patterns. The children enjoyed using lots of different items to make repeating patterns and they really challenged themselves to make more and more complex patterns. Some thought about colour, some size and some shape. But either way I think you can agree they did a fabulous job!

25th February 2020

Today is Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day! We learnt all about why we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and what some other countries do too. We had lots of fun 'pancake' activities to choose from and we also got to try a pancake and choose a topping! Mmmmm! After we had tasted we helped to think of and sound out wow words to describe the pancakes like delicious, sweet and yummy. We also had a Pancake Race Tournament, it was so much fun and involved a lot of pans, pancakes, running, and flipping! We finished the day by watching Father David burn the palms in preparation for the Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow; our first one! Wish us luck. 

7th February 2020

Today was pirate day and fun was had by all! The children enjoyed making treasure map pizzas, going on a treasure hunt and discovering some pirate treasure and taking photos of their pirate friends on the iPads. They also made their own pirate ships and tested to see how well they floated. Great job shipmates!

31 January 2020

Today the children learnt about germs. They talked about how to get rid of them and stop them spreading. They then made their own green germs and had to experiment with colour mixing to first make green and then make it lighter or darker by adding black or white. Don't they look fantastically yucky?!

31 January 2020

Today the children went to church to look at some of the things that are used. Father David was there to talk to them about the chalice, tabernacle, bible and how they should come in and out of church. They learnt about the font full of holy water and making the sign of the cross with it. They also tried to genuflect. They really enjoyed their visit and hearing what Father had to say.

29th January 2020

Our Forest Schoolers have had great fun painting with nature this week. They collected natural materials such as leaves and sticks and enjoyed exploring the different marks they could make with them using paint

w/c 20/01/20 

Kung Hei Fat Choy! This Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rat. The children enjoyed hearing the story of the animals' race to have the Year named after them. They were outraged that the rat seemed to have cheated its way to first place!

The day was filled with Chinese role play, with items kindly provided by Bella's grandad many years ago. The children opened their own fortune cookies and we shared the messages inside, before they wrote their own messages to their family and friends . They were expert origamists folding their own fortune cookies.

There were oodles of noodles that we loved using our new chopsticks and tweezers from the Giving Tree (so thank you very much for giving!) to move and feed one of our toy frogs!

We also made some fantastic dragons and learnt how to play some traditional Chinese games outside.

w/c 18/11/19

Dr. Jane came to visit us this week. She told us all about being a doctor. We heard about the bones in our body, how to keep healthy and we even got to listen to our hearts using Dr. Jane's stethoscope! What a fantastic afternoon, thank you Dr. Jane!

w/c 18/11/19

This week our Forest School children enjoyed exploring changes in the weather and the environment around them. They discovered with the autumn (wintery!) weather that the leaves had changed colour and fallen from the trees. It was cold and muddy too, but that didn't stop them learning, discovering and having an amazing time!

w/c 18/11/19

Our woodworkers for this term have been busy getting to grips with all the tools they need to use, whilst also being creative, inventive and thinking about safety. They have also been great problem solvers. Tinker Thinkers in the making!

w/c 18/11/19

The children have been busy learning lots of exciting things this week. We have looked at finding one less, the /l/ sound and practising our precursive letter formations. They are really tricky but just like Moaty Motivator we won't give up and we will keep on trying. If you wish to practise the formations at home you will find them at the top of this page. 

w/c 11.11.19  Who is the fairest of them all...?

We were very lucky to see a fantastic performance of Snow White on Friday morning. The children laughed, booed, danced and listened really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We were surprised to find some items left in the classroom...


We set to work making our own magic mirrors... well as doing our own self portraits by looking in the mirror and retelling the story in our role play and drawings. Thank you to the Friends who helped to fund this!

w/c 04/11/19

It was great to see the children back after the half term break...and we have all been raring to go! The children have been adding to our working wall by being 'e,e,e, experts' at writing the letter 'e'

On Friday we found out lots of information from Firefighter Steve during our visit to Thame Fire Station. It was great fun climbing up carefully into the fire engine. We learned lots about what firefighters do and the equipment they use, and how they play their part in building our caring community. We loved seeing Miss Harvey get dressed up in the fire fighter's uniform - it was very heavy but we found out how it protects firefighters and keeps them safe. A big thank you to the mummies who came along to help us. 

w/c 14/10/19

Following the excitement of wishing Miss Dyer off on her nuptials this week, we also held a wedding in EYU. The children dressed in their finest clothes and we set off to church for the ceremony. Much fun was had by all as we feasted on popcorn and wedding cake and learnt about this special sacrament that takes place in church. Thanks for all the wonderful support and organisation from the parents too!

w/c 07/10/19

Number formation fun was had by all this week! We used lots of different methods to help us practise forming 0, 1, 2 and 3. We used the following number rhymes if you'd like to use them at home too:

0- Circle left and round you go, round and round it's number zero!

1- Start at the top and down you run, one straight line it's number one!

2- Make half a heart, give it a shoe, top to bottom it's number two!

3- Half round a tree, half round a tree, curve it, curve it, it's number three!

These rhymes and their pictures to accompany can be seen under the clock in the classroom, please feel free to come have a look!

w/c 07/10/19

Our Forest School group had great conker fun this week. Why not try it yourself at home?

Oh No! Tinker Thinker's car can't get across the river! Enter our EYU construction teams... The children worked together, sharing ideas, communicating and listening well to design a bridge using ANYTHING they could find. After this they were also challenged to design a bridge that would support a toy car using dough, spaghetti and pasta. Everyone worked really hard and just like Moaty Motivator they were great active learners; keeping on trying, concentrating and enjoying achieving what they set out to do.

w/c 30/09/19

This week in forest school a village of little people was visited by a dragon, who knocked all of their houses down! Our kind little lot couldn't stand the thought of that, so they worked in pairs or individually to create new homes for the villagers, using any natural materials they could find. They did a brilliant job and the villagers were EXTREMELY grateful. Miss Harvey was blown away by the enthusiasm and care of the children; imaginations were running riot!

w/c 30/09/19

The children enjoyed creating buildings using paper shapes. Some made houses, churches, castles etc. They did well talking about the shapes, including names and sizes. We hope to pop these up in the cloakroom soon, so please do have a look at your little one's creation.

w/c 23 September 2019

This term's Forest School group enjoyed a muddy, mucky, yucky experience with Miss Harvey this week. Lots of smiles and learning!

w/c 23 September 2019

The children had enormous fun this week investigating materials. They felt materials in a mystery box and had to describe them. They used natural materials as paintbrushes. They were even detectives finding examples of different materials in class! Wow!

w/c 23 September 2019

Some of the children enjoyed getting creative outside this week and made up their own games. Some enjoyed throwing balls and bean bags into given colour or shape targets, whilst others enjoyed some café role play. They helped Miss Harvey to sound out 'Café Open', laid out the food for sale and made the customers park their vehicles in the bays before coming in. What a busy day!

September 2019- The children had great fun completing a STEM activity. They had to design, make and test an umbrella to keep Tinker Thinker dry. There were lots of great ideas, some trial and error, but no one gave up and they did a great job! They then got to test out a larger shelter with Tinker to see if they all stayed dry. (They did! Phew!)

18th September 2019- Our first group of children enjoyed their Forest School session with Miss Harvey today. Fun was had by all and they can't wait to go again next week.

September 2019- We have been absolute super stars these first few weeks! Miss Oakley and Mrs Horner are really proud of us. Look how much fun we've been having whilst learning lots of new rules and routines. We've enjoyed making friends and can't wait to see what else we will learn!

August 2019- Flashback to our taster sessions in July. The children were already doing so well, we can't wait to get started with more fun and learning in September. Remember to bring those smiles back with you!