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Year 6 - Please see weekly plan followed by other useful sites below


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YEAR 6 Home Learning


Bug club is great for reading comprehension practise:


Spelling: this resource lists key words and rules children should be familiar with:


Some helpful reading comprehension practise can be completed through this website:


A little bit of everything in these last two websites from spelling games to writing tips:


This website has a useful glossary of SPaG related terms:


To practise your cursive script handwriting you can use this website:



An excellent fun website covering all the different areas of maths the children require:


This is a great resource for all areas of maths; it directs you to several websites specific to your child’s needs:


Fantastic game to sharpen those mental arithmetic skills:


This website covers all the skills the children need in Year 6.  Through timed questions, it challenges the children and addresses misconceptions with clear explanations:


This game will test your mental arithmetic skills through ten challenging questions:


Gut Instinct is a game that allows you to test your maths skills against others and will improve your mental maths speed and skills:


A little bit of everything in these last two websites from maths and spelling games to writing tips:


This website is good for help with maths fluency and times tables:





An excellent fun website covering all areas of the science curriculum:


These are three great resources for science, packed full of links to interactive science games and other activities to make science fun:


A great website that provides a weekly revision guide.  It includes what to revise each week with links to a variety of online games to help with each section:


Please also refer to our very own website for many more resources to support your child’s learning: