St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Thame

Inspired to be our best.....


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas lunch today. We wore our festive jumpers and reindeer hats! 


Dear Year 1 Parents,
Thank you so much for the thoughtful presents this year!   We are extremely grateful and loved each and every gift. 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely families. 
Love Miss Phillips and the Year 1 Team


Father David blessed our Bambinelli for us to take home and remember the real meaning of Christmas.  

We thoroughly enjoyed making our special Bambinelli.  


Sneak peek of Year 1 looking fabulous in their Nativity costumes!


No pictures of Y1 this week!  We have been rehearsing and filming our Christmas Nativity, making Bambinelli, Christmas cards and Christmas hats!  We are looking forward to surprising our families with our amazing creativity next week...


Bog Baby

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed the Bog Baby this week. 
We began our week by creating our own Bog Baby using a range of blue materials. Sadly, the Bog Baby went missing on Tuesday but Year 1 were able to create some outstanding posters, which included lots of fantastic descriptions of the Bog Baby. Year 1 also found lots of clues outside! Thankfully, Ms Gowers found the Bog Baby and he was safe! Being Bog Baby experts, Year 1 decided to write Ms Gowers a letter. They wrote about caring for the Bog Baby and suggested some safe areas for him to be released, including Cuttlebrook. 
Listen to the Bog Baby -

We have also been able to film the first song and dance for our Christmas Nativity! We had lots of fun in our Christmas jumpers.


The Day the Crayons Quit
We used the story to create a wonderful poem about the beautiful colours. We also wrote fantastic similes for our favourite colours. 
Year 1 has been working extremely hard to learn the songs for our Christmas Nativity and we are very excited to begin filming soon!


To end our wonderful week, the children made news reports for the BBC to tell people all about plastic pollution. What a fantastic week full of fantastic facts! Everyone tried extremely hard. Well done everyone! 


Last week the children were learning all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  Year 1 made colourful lamps, created some fantastic Rangoli patterns using chalk and dressed up in bright, colourful clothes to act out the story of Rama and Sita.
This week we have been writing information posters.  We have been researching and learning all about the blue whale.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the blue whale.  Did you know - the tongue of a blue whale weighs as much as an elephant and it's heart is the same size as a car!  Our writing has been inspired by The Storm Whale by Benji Davies. 


Owl Babies
Year 1 have produced some outstanding English pieces this week. 
This week we have read Owl Babies. You might like to listen to the story at home - 
Using our story maps, everyone re-wrote the story with some AMAZING adjectives. 
We had been exploring subtraction this week - using counters, cubes, number lines and other mathematical resources to support our learning and to solve some challenging word problems. Year 1 are maths wizards!
Welcome back!
This week we have read Pattan's Pumpkin by Chitra Soundar. 
You might like to listen to the story at home -
Using our story maps, everyone re-wrote the story and created bright front covers! 
WOW! Miss Phillips was SO SO impressed! 
Pattan and his family have to escape from a flood, which could destroy their hut. The children were so engaged throughout our session on floods. We explored the causes and effects, creating posters to inform other classes in school.
Firework Art 
Year 1 & 2 used chalk and glitter to create some FANTASTIC firework art.
The Daily Run
We have thoroughly enjoyed completing the run at least three times a week this term (weather dependent). We are beginning to run for over 10 minutes! 
Our Senses - Smell
We have been exploring our sense of smell. We conducted a science experiment. We had to smell six different pots and decide what we could smell. Some of the smells included: onion, toothpaste, lavender and vinegar.
We had lots of fun! We loved some of the smells and strongly disliked some of the others! 


The Gruffalo
This afternoon we created Gruffalo masks for our display. We have enjoyed the Gruffalo and have created some amazing pieces of work based on the story. 


The Smartest Giant in Town 
WOW! We had a giant surprise on Friday. We received a letter and a book from George. The giant left his giant shoe and his stripy tie. We were very excited! We made George a card to say thank you. This week we will be reading The Gruffalo. We will complete lots of activities based on the Gruffalo. 
Remember to read every night and please record your reading in your reading record.
Miss Phillips
Amazing Authors!
We have begun our new topic in Year 1!  We have been exploring the wonderful work of Julia Donaldson this week. We read 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We all joined in with the song. Have a listen to the story at home -
George the Giant went missing on Monday and we helped the police by writing some excellent descriptions of George. We then created our own giants and used amazing adjectives to describe them. We used lots of materials and resources to create our giants. 
Today we received a special gift from George. He left us a message which said 'Thank you for helping me'. He had delivered us lots of new books! We are very excited to read them soon!
We will continue our work with George this week. Tomorrow we are going to write a letter for the giant. 
Well done Year 1!
Please remember to read every night and record it in your home school diaries. Hopefully we can get those 5 class dojos!
Miss Phillips 
WOW! We have had a wet but fantastic week in Year 1!
We have been researching endangered animals. We have created booklets to raise awareness of endangered animals and ways in which we can protect them. We used the WWF website to learn some interesting facts about the precious animals. We all did AMAZING work and Miss Phillips is so proud of us!
Playdough Disco Gym -
We have been using our individual pots of playdough to develop our fine motor skills before our handwriting sessions this week. We also used our playdough to create our names.
Playdough Disco Gym -
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


Yesterday we received a special thank you message from an alien. He/she was so grateful for our guide to earth. Well done Year 1!


Here is our Year 1 version of 'What A Wonderful World' by Louis Armstong. We hope you enjoy reading it.
What A Wonderful World - By Year 1 

Skies are blue

Trees are green

I see bees buzzing

Around you and me

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Giraffes are tall

Cheetahs are fast

Meerkats are funny

And rabbits hop past
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

People are helpful

In many ways

Adults are older and help us all day

Children grow fast and are happy everyday

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

I see children in the park

Playing with their toys

The sun shining on them

With complete joy

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Yes, I think to myself
What a wonderful world


A Guide to Earth by Year 1

We have spent the last week exploring Earth. We have worked together to create a guide. Our guide is excellent and we hope everyone enjoys the read. We have written about things you can see and do on Earth. Also, we have drawn and labelled some animals you will encounter during your time on Earth. We hope you enjoy our wonderful world and remember to look after it.

We have also learnt and re-written the famous song ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong.  We recorded our version and will share it with Year 2 next week.

Please watch this video and appreciate our wonderful world.


We have created wind chimes for our garden. We used a range of resources to create unique and special chimes. 

Welcome back Year 1!
WOW - I am so proud of you all. Everyone has settled and is beginning to become a confident member of the Year 1 team. 
We have been exploring our classroom over the past few days and we have thoroughly enjoyed updating our garden area. 
We have also been discussing our emotions and have created a face using arts & crafts to reflect our feelings about school.
'Here We Are' - our new class book has been super exciting this week and we are beginning to create a guide to Earth. Our guide will be for the aliens who are arriving on Earth next week. We are very excited to share our guide with them. 
Miss Phillips