St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Thame

Inspired to be our best.....

Year 2


See here for pictures of the STEM challenge we completed this week with EYU and Year 1...

The chicks are here!  The excitement is almost overwhelming!  For pictures, see the Year 1 page linked here

Year 1 and Year 2 have been busy using up ingredients before Lent starts to make delicious pancakes. They then wrote instructions on how they made them which were very detailed and included: first, next, after, and lastly. 

In Maths Year 2 have been using their measuring skills to measure wizard potions.  The children worked really well in a team to ensure the potions had been accurately measured.

Year 1 & Year 2 have been looking at the poem ‘Ten Things Found In a Wizard’s Pocket’.

The children worked together to perform the poem using lots of expression and actions. We then used this poem to help us create our own magical poems.

Year 2 have loved looking after the dragon egg that we found in the playground! Our class read to our dragon Zog in our daily reading time. What a lucky dragon!


Year 2 came to school on Monday to find their classroom in chaos! Tables and chairs had been knocked over and our dragon egg had disappeared!  Year 2 filmed some new reports live from the crime scene.  We are going to write a letter to Mrs Tweedie to persuade her to allow the dragon to come back to Year 2 and join our class!

Mysterious egg found in school!  See the Year 1 page here for pictures.

In class we have been learning all about 2D shapes. We went on a hunt around the school to see what shapes we could find. We found so many!

A Christmas Recipe! 

We went to Thame to look at construction and buildings.  We also invited Mrs Patterson in to talk about Thame and how the buildings have changed.

We are learning Ping Pong on a Wednesday afternoon!

STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) - Year 1 & 2 worked in mixed groups to create a free standing tower out of paper and tape. 

Our Year 2 STEM challenge - the children were so engaged and were able to beat the teachers in their second attempt at building a structure out of spaghetti that would support a LARGE marshmallow!

Maths partitioning using our equipment to visually 'see' numbers...

Year 1 and 2 Talent Show - celebrating our talents after reading 'Giraffes Can't Dance'!