St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Thame

Inspired to be our best.....

Monday 17th December 2018

To start of our week of Maths, we were set a very difficult challenge - to build a Christmas Tree out of nothing but straws and blue tac. We had to use our great teamwork  to come up with a plan as a group, and then used our problem solving skills to build our tree, working through every fall and difficulty along the way. We thought we used lots of patience, resilience, listening skills and co-operation! Have a look at some of our creations!

Tuesday 20th November 2018

As part of our Science topic 'Sound', we have been exploring pitch through musical instruments. Today, we made our own pan pipes out of straws to test how the pitch changes when we blew into different length straws. We had great fun!

Friday 16th October 2018

Fossil making

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about how fossils are formed and researching the great paleontologist - Mary Anning. We decided we were going to link our science learning to our maths by measuring all the ingredients needed to make our own salt dough. We then made imprints into our dough to create our own fossils. Have a look at some of our creations! 

Tuesday 13th October 2018

Volcano Eruptions

Wow! What an amazing day! We have loved designing and building our volcanoes over the last week. Creating our volcano structures was a little challenging but we used our excellent growth mindset to keep going and we were rewarded by getting nice and messy when doing our papier-mâché. When our structure had dried, we used our best creative eye to paint our landscape onto our volcanoes. 

To finish off our volcano-making project, we invited our parents in to see our 'Ring of Fire' and watch the violent eruptions of our volcanoes. Thank you to all the parents who took time out of their busy days to come and see our eruptions. We loved sharing that experience with you! 

Wednesday 26th September 2018

Structure of the Earth

What a fantastic week, we really enjoyed kicking off our topic with a bang! We have started to learn all about volcanoes by looking at some famous volcanoes around the world. We then explored how volcanoes are formed by studying the structure of the earth. We made our own earth models out of play dough and then cut them open to see what layers were inside. Have a look at some of our creations!