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Year 4

September 2022

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Friday 18th November 2022

It has been an incredibly busy week in Year 4! The children have been developing their skill in football, focusing on their passing this week. We have also been creating collages of the Norse gods to add into our Viking Museum. The children have been hard at work writing a script for a puppet show. We have also been taking part in lots of dynamic gymnastics challenges too!

Friday 11th November 2022

Year 4 have been hard at work this week developing their Viking knowledge. We have continued to look at Viking longships (which you may have seen on the playground!). The children have also started preparing ideas for our class museum that we will be showing off in the coming weeks. In RE we have followed the story of Joseph and recognised that our own feelings of jealousy and how we manage them.

Friday 4th November 2022 

Year 4 have returned after their break ready to learn! In Maths we have started our topic on multiplication and division with the children developing their understanding of the 3- and 6-times tables. We have also looked at the Viking invasion of the UK in more detail with the children designing their own Viking longships! 

Autumn Term 1 2022

Year 4 have been superstars since returning to school and have had an incredibly exciting few weeks. In English, we have worked with two brilliant texts; Hello Lighthouse and Arthur and the Golden Rope. Their work with Hello Lighthouse saw them take on the role of lighthouse keeper, facing harsh weather, dangerous rescue missions, and much more. Their work with Arthur and the Golden Rope will continue after the half-term break but they have already created mythical items, survived the attack of the giant wolf Fenrir, and written instructions on how to stop him! In Maths, the children have developed their understanding of place value and have shown an excellent awareness of addition and subtraction skills. Our RE work has explored the Old Testament and the Pentateuch. Particularly, the life of Abram/Abraham and Isaac. Year 4 have also worked hard on two topics over the past few weeks. The first topic focused on communication and electricity which saw the children create a communication device for an evil genius! Our current topic is focused on the Vikings and we have taken a deep dive into a legendary Viking story, the saga of Ragnar Lothbrok. So far, the children have been creating Viking chants, comparing different historical armies and even imagined themselves as a Viking!

Thursday 21st July 2022

And with that, the children have finished Year 4!  The children have been absolute superstars and rounded off their time here by welcoming the next Year 4s so kindly into the class.  The children were incredibly supportive and were excellent role models.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this fabulous group of children and we wish them all the best in Year 5!

Friday 15th July 2022

As we head towards our Summer break, Year 4 are still putting in their best effort with their learning! The children have been hard at work writing science-fiction stories with some incredible ideas on show. We have also been applying our basketball learning into playing some actual games with everybody showing some fantastic on-court talent!

Friday 1st July 2022

What a week!  
Sports week has really kept us on our toes for all sorts of reasons.  We have learnt numerous new skills and tried things we have never tried before.  We started the week off with skipping and challenged each other with how many jumps we could do.  Next up was Box Fit.  A circuit was set up and we had to complete different activities at each - again, it was awesome and we were all left thoroughly exhausted, including the teachers!
We were set an engineering and design challenge at the beginning of the week.  We had to design and build a hoover.  We all managed to create the fan element and quite a few of us made a working super sucker machine.
As part of our LMTW topic with Mr Cluett we learnt more about the Highland games.  We even tossed the Caber - thankfully, nobody was injured.  In art we created Oxford skylines and used Indian inks to add a bit of colour.  
We hope you enjoy the photos.

Friday 24th June 2022

This week we have been super busy in class.  In Athletics we have been practicing with hurdles.  In addition to this we have been honing our running and relay skills in readiness for sports week.
In Maths we are moving on to learn about shapes and angles following this week's assessments. In English we have started to solve the crime that was committed at 'The Eleventh Hour'...  With a little close observation and some simple deduction we are hoping to discover which of the eleven animals stole the feast!  Time is ticking...will we solve it?
During our topic we have been learning more about Brazilian traditions and customs.  We have designed and created some awesome  Mardi Gras carnival masks.  We have also designed our own consumes.  

Friday 17th June 2022

This week Year 4 have been making the most of the sunshine!  Last Friday the children thoroughly enjoyed their Jubilee celebrations with their family and friends.  The children have also welcomed back Mr. Cluett to the class and have been building some creative dens. The children have continued to look at the Eleventh hour and have begun to uncover the mystery of the story…

Friday 27th May 2022

We have had another exciting week in year 4.  We started the week meeting with Farther David in the Mary Garden to pray a decade of the rosary. Our journey with the Wanderer has come to an end.  This week we have written 'in role', recounting the highs and lows of his journey across the seas in a magazine article.
In Maths we have been busy learning about time.  Today we looked at timetables and how to interpret them in the real world.  later in the week we will start our new statistics unit.
So far our highlight has been learning from our new Ukranian friends.  They have taught us colours and the alphabet - did you know they have 33 letters/sounds in their alphabet?
We hope you enjoy the photos we have taken.

Friday 13th May 2022

This week we continued reading the Wanderer- it has inspired us in our writing, which focused on descriptive settings this week. Creating imagery with words has been both challenging and enjoyable. Needless to say our teachers have been very impressed! 
We are coming to an end in our money unit in Maths and are moving on to learn more about time.  Setting up shop and working out real world money problems has been fun. 
The highlight of the week has been welcoming our new classmates from the Ukraine. They have fitted in perfectly and have proved themselves to be very sporty additions to our class. 

Friday 29th April 2022

This week we started our new class text Wanderer (Peter Van Den Ende) and set off on our visual journey through the realms of the unimagined.  A glimpse into the wondrously watery realm below the oceans skin has already stimulated some incredibly creative writing.   

Our decimal learning in Maths is complete for now, our next step is to move on to working with money.  Next week we will be estimating, rounding, adding and subtracting money – with the real world in mind! 

We have started our new sports topics, learning skills in cricket and tennis.  Yesterday we worked on agility moves to develop our speed in the quick moving game of tennis. 

Our new topic for the term is Viking Warriors.  We explored mottos and their meaning, then created our own motto for life.  After that we re-enacted an old Norse battle cry to intimidate our enemies and motivate our warriors – it was both exhausting and deafening!  We hope you enjoy the photos.

Friday 8th April 2022

Wrapping up this term, Year 4 have had a brilliant week!  On Monday, the children designed their own Faberge Eggs and decorated some Easter biscuits.  Tuesday saw the children recreate the trial of Jesus with the children stepping into their roles with great maturity. Lastly, on Wednesday, the children were taken by our fabulous Year 5s in PE.  From everybody in Year 4, Happy Easter!

Friday 1st April 2022

Heading towards the Easter break, Year 4 have had another great week!  We have been reflecting on our actions as part of our work on Lent and were even lucky enough to have Mrs. Wickens join us for a lesson on Holy Week!  The children have produced some incredible Viking dance routines, showing real knowledge and skill.  We also enjoyed our weekly chess session with some unique games.

Friday 25th March 2022

This week in Year 4 we have used the warm weather to our advantage!  We have been developing our Viking dances with particular focus on creating a hunting dance.  The sunshine helped us to write some incredible setting descriptions related to Dragon Skin, our book that is set in Australia.  Year 4 have continued to impress with their effort in skill in our chess sessions too.

Friday 18th March 2022

Another busy week in Year 4 done with all the children showing a great effort too!  We have been carrying on our study and practice of Viking Dance with children using the Viking Thunderclap to inspire some performances.  We have been finishing off our work on fractions using lots of different methods.  In RE, we have been discussing what made Jesus a good teacher and have been demonstrating our learning of the Beatitudes.

Friday 11th March 2022

Year Four have had lots of different adults in the class this week and have been a credit to the school and the Year Four team. Some of our highlights have been: Learning about Jesus' temptation in the desert in RE and acting out scenes in groups to show how we might be tempted, thinking about dictatorships and democracy in our LMTW lesson and reflecting on how different countries are run, creating our own Viking dances in PE and writing a shared character description in English. What a busy week and we have all enjoyed the challenges that our learning has brought us! 

Friday 4th March 2022

This week was filled with fun, laughter and some deep thinking as we started our new class book 'Dragon Skin' by Karen Foxlee.  We can't wait to read more!  
We have also been developing our descriptive language - choosing vocabulary for effect.  Learning about fractions in Maths has kept us on our toes and is something we will do more of next week.

The highlight of the week has definitely been World Book Day.  It was a PJ day filled with reminiscing over books we had read/ were read to us when we were younger, creating hideous monsters for some story writing, laughing and giggling, and  making and writing books to share.   Mr Neal visited for story time and we helped him solve the problem of the crayons!  There was more laughing and giggling!  We had  fun reading, sharing stories and making new friends in Reception.  The day came to a close with hot chocolate and biscuits – YUM 

Friday 18th February 2022

Year 4 have been on fire this week with their work!  They have used drums, dance and drama skills to retell the story of Moses and Burning Bush in spectacular fashion.  They have also used these drama skills to act out compelling medieval drama showcasing the Battle of Stamford Bridge.  Year 4 have finished their work on Maria’s Island and have put together some biographies about Maria’s life.

Friday 11th February 2022

Another exciting week in Year 4 done with some wonderful learning on show!  The children have started exploring the story of Moses and have been imagining what it was like to be in Egypt at that time.  Year 4 have also began to look at the story of Harold Godwinson and argued a case for why their given candidate should be the next King of England which involved some very safe knighting!  In PE the children have been developing their understanding of Yoga poses and breathing.

Friday 4th February 2022

Another week in the books for Year 4 with lots to report!  The children have been working on their division in Maths and demonstrating a great attitude.  In RE we created music to accompany the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration.  The children have also been showing off their chess skills and have shown fantastic respect for one another in doing so.

Friday 28th January 2022

Another exciting week in Year 4 in which the children were in a race against time to find as much information as they could about Hindu gods.  We have been continuing our work on 'Maria’s Island' with the children role-playing a particularly tricky scene with great maturity. Year 4 have also put into practice all of their football training in activities that saw them dribble, pass and shoot with excellent precision!

Friday 21st January 2022

Disaster in Year 4 this week as Mr Cluett went blind during an RE lesson!  Fortunately, the children were there to help him remember every detail of Jesus’ baptism using their super understanding.  Year 4 have also been creating their own times tables songs to help us remember them as creatively as possible.  We’ve also started looking at Buddhism and its origins as well as practicing our football dribbling in PE.

Friday 14th January 2022

Year 4 have kicked off the new year with a brilliant attitude!  We have begun work with our new book ‘Maria’s Island’ and the children have been empathising with the characters in the story excellently.  Inspired by the book, the children have also been creating collages of its front cover with some incredibly creative ideas.  In PE we have started working on our football skills and are starting to develop our passing.