St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Thame

Inspired to be our best.....


Year 6 have been enjoying completing lots of Advent and Christmas activities, including making Christmas wreaths in R.E., as well as cards and artwork to name a few.  


Over the last term, in Design Technology, the children have worked hard on designing and making miniature WW2 Anderson shelter models.  After much refinement, the final models look brilliant!


In Year 6 we have designed and are currently making mini Anderson shelters for our D.T. project. The children are working really well collaboratively to create their models, which are still a work in progress. The final Anderson shelter models should be completed in the next few weeks!


In Maths over the next half term, Year 6 will be working on everything related to Fractions.  So that the children feel happy and never scared about fractions, Mrs. Swart, our star baker T.A., very kindly baked two huge chocolate cakes to accompany our equivalent and simplifying fractions lessons. We all enjoyed this practical and tasty way of learning!


The children in Year 6 have been very lucky, they have been bought lots of books by the 'Friends'.  We wrapped them up and had a class grand opening.  Happily this had the effect that we were looking for, inspiring the children to read a more varied and challenging range of books.


Year 6 have been enjoying honing their netball skills this half term.

Year 6's new topic is based on the text 'Journey to Jo'burg', and so the children are creating artwork based on the continent of Africa. They have drawn a map of Africa which includes all of the 54 countries and designed their artwork to include animals native to the different regions of Africa or the flags of the different countries.


This week Year 6 have been working on perfecting their long multiplication skills. They have supported each other by becoming 'Multiplication Masters' where they have explained long multiplication methods and reasoning to other children. 

Year 6 have been busy being creative. We wrote poetry entitled Day Walker and enjoyed creating a water colour background on which to present our work.
(Pictures 1-4)
 We finished a week of working on our descriptive writing skills by drawing inspiration from a photograph of a mysterious scene and using a five sense to 'show not tell' the picture in our writing.  
(Pictures 5-8)


Year 6 used chalk pens to work on place value up to 1 million... they drew on desks, boards and walls!