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Art & Design

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, our art and design curriculum provides a comprehensive and engaging education that fosters students' creativity and artistic skills. Our children explore a range of mediums and techniques, from traditional drawing and painting to digital media and sculpture. The progression of skills is emphasised, starting with the basics and gradually building towards more advanced techniques, to help students develop confidence and mastery in their art.

We believe that exposure to the works of famous artists is an essential part of our art education. Throughout our curriculum, we incorporate the study of famous artists to inspire our pupils and provide them with a deeper understanding of art history and culture. By exploring the techniques and styles of these artists, children can gain a broader perspective on the art world and learn to appreciate the diverse range of artistic expression that exists.

Finally, we strive to integrate our art education with topic-based learning where possible. We believe that art can be a powerful tool for understanding and exploring other subjects such as history, science, and literature. By linking art projects with other areas of the curriculum, we aim to deepen students' understanding of these topics and provide them with a more holistic educational experience.