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Values and Catholic Pupil Profile

Gospel Values



Our Summer Term 5 Values are Eloquent and Truthful. In Summer Term 6 our values are Learned and Wise

The Gospel Values are at the heart of Catholic life, and at St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, we work as a school community in collaboration with families and parish to promote and teach children about the Gospel Values. 

These virtues are fundamental to our day-to-day school life.  They are interwoven in our curriculum and they help our children to become the people that God wants them to be.

Each term we focus on one of the values, exploring them through such lessons and activities as prayer liturgy, collective worship, mass, lessons and assemblies.

House points are given to children who demonstrate and model each of the school values that they are acting upon the school Gospel values, and showing that term's specific value.



What qualities do we want our pupils to have? 
What kind of people do we want our children to grow into?

These questions can be answered in the Jesuit Pupil Profile, which outlines the virtues we teach the children.