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School Lunches

Our School Lunches provider is Aspens.  Lunches are free for all children in Key Stage One (Reception- Y2) and cost £2.30 per lunch for children in Key Stage 2 (Y3 -Y6).


Lunches run on a three-week rolling menu, which will change throughout the year. Menus can be seen by clicking on the link below: 

Spring 2024 Menu- Please note the dates at the top right hand corner of the menus to see which week's menu is being served.

New School Lunch Supplier


Lunches do not need to be ordered in advance. At morning registration each day, the children will tell their teacher whether or not they are having a school lunch that day.

Parents can make payment in advance for school lunches, review their balances and top up as necessary using School Gateway - you can register and log on using the link below:

We respectfully request that School Lunch accounts are kept in credit at all times - a weekly text reminder will be sent out if your child's account has fallen below zero.